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Many people may ask about or question our motivations for implementing a verification system, some may even make untrue accusations about it or attack it so hopefully the below information will help to clarify what this service is and what it is not.


Firstly becoming verified is completely optional and nobody is required to do so and the fact that someone has not completed the verification process does not neccessarily mean that they are not female, however the likelihood is statistically higher that they are not.


Over recent months we have received numerous complaints from genuine females who have been accused of faking and we have had long term chatters almost universally accepted as females who turned out to be male, not to mention the various persistent one time fakers who would constantly change names once they were named and shamed. We also received many complaints from male chatters who were understandably angry that they had been tricked by other males pretending to be girls and this is why we have implemented this service.


Over time gender faking has reached almost epidemic proportions to the point that almost all the trust has eroded and the genuine female chatters are unfairly being tarred with the same brush as the more deserving fakers whose only intention is to deceive others. By implementing a simple optional verification system it gives those who wish to be verified as genuine females the opportunity to do so without constantly having to prove themselves over and over again to whoever they talk to and likewise gives those they talk to confidence that they are genuine females.


Basically we are attempting to bring integrity back to the chatrooms and to restore confidence to both sides. Obviously some people might be upset about the new verification system but they are not obligated to participate although some of the biggest opponents of the new system will be some of those who know that they are unable to verify for fairly obvious reasons and have every reason to oppose a system that makes it hard for some of them to deceive people.


Q:) What is required for verification?


A:) Verification is extremely simple and requires only that you have a webcam, are female and can complete a couple of very simple tasks just to prove that it is not a video. In fact, if you have any reservations you can simply ask those who are already verified exactly what it entails to become verified and why they think it is beneficial to do so.


Q:) What is verification not?


A:) Verification is not compulsory or does it require you to remove any clothing or perform any sexually related acts and if any moderator asks you to do so the incident should be reported immediately.


Q:) What happens after verification?


A:) Within a few hours although usually within minutes you will be able to refresh and see the Female Sexuality Icon Denoting Verified Female Chatter. icon next to your name which shows others that you have been confirmed as a genuine female by a chat moderator.


Q:) Other people will vouch for me, can I get verified status?


A:) No! Verification must be performed by a moderator only as many knights in shining armor who think they are doing a good deed will rush to the rescue and claim they have seen people on cam that they haven't which would instantly ruin the integrity of the system.


Q:) I've been on mic can I be verified?


A:) Unfortunately no because it is not hard to play sound clips of female voices and give the illusion of being female which could open up the possibility of a faker inadvertently being verified in error which would compromise the trust within our system.


Q:) Can I buy verified status?


A:) No! Under no circumstances will we accept money to falsify verification or allow anyone to circumvent our verification system, there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever to this rule!


Various Comments & Points.

Here we debunk some of the lies and excuses fakers use and explain some of the methods fakers use to trick you.


Some people may argue that they do not have a webcam but in this day and age a webcam can be bought for nearly nothing depending on location, about $10 or less in the USA and less than £5 in the UK and similar amounts in other countries. In fact they are so cheap that even people in what are commonly refered to as third world countries often have them so it cannot be considered a valid excuse if people claim not to be able to afford one!


Miraculously when gender fakers purchase a computer they unfortunately always end up with the one where the built in webcam doesn't work or they end up with the one that no matter how hard they try the webcam they bought doesn't ever seem to work. Then there are the ever evolving excuses of the cam being at a friend's house or a relative's house and it will be working by next week, however in usual gender faker fashion next week will usually never come because by then there is some new excuse to take the place of the last one. This is usually a sure sign of a gender fake stringing you along.


Fakers will often swear and declare they are a real female and often claim to have pics to prove it, however it is easy to find pics in abundance and this proves absolutely nothing at all. Usually fakers will have pics that look too good to be true, will be lesbians looking to chat to girls only ("sorry guys, girls only") and of course will usually not have a cam. Some fakers actually do have cams which they turn on but will not let anyone see in the belief it makes them look more legitimate whilst others will show video loops or clips to unsuspecting viewers who think they are watching a real person so that they can see your cam.


Unfortunately the Internet is full of losers like this who are out to deceive you or play their little games. If they are posting naked pictures that are supposedly of themselves, ask them to post one of them dressed in a different setting because surely most normal people would have more pictures of themselves dressed than undressed and taken on different days right?